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RMC on site machining GmbH is a young company, with many years of experience, founded in January 2017.

Our co. founder/director Maik Reimers has 18 years+ experience in this sector and would be delighted to solve your technical tasks and questions. We specialize in mobile on-site machining tasks, in all its forms.

The close collaboration between Munkholm Consult A/S and RMC on site machining GmbH allows us to offer you a wide range of mobile on-site machining in combination with modern laser measurement technology.

With offices in both Germany and Denmark we offer quick and short transport time, for most of the world.

Thereby reduction standby time and delays. Christian Munkholm (director Munkholm Consult) and Maik Reimers (director RMC) are available to you at any time for your tasks and problems.